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The Holy Spirit’s Electrical Power For Healing By Means Of The Laying On Of Arms

The Holy Spirit ‘shows up’ pretty unexpectantly often…

BATTLING a prideful, ambivalent spirit at a pastoral retreat, we have been asked if we would have liked prayer miracle healing prayers. (“I don’t need to do this, Lord,” was my heart.) Then it had been requested of many others who had not opted to generally be prayed for, if they would get all-around and pray for those who required prayer. I claimed, “Okay, Lord, I will do it.” I prayed for your pastor who’d been in pastoral operate twenty a long time – double my time; someone I also look up to from the blogosphere.

The moment I placed my fingers on his shoulders one thing transpired in my spirit!

I prayed, and i prayed phrases that were not mine. Straight away the hardness inhibiting my soul was changed that has a spirit of peace, if not, levity. Before long it was a case of euphoric laughter for the amusing points the speaker was indicating. I felt like I had been even laughing like I would taken laughing fuel. I did not even care if I was foolish as long as I wasn’t laughing inappropriately, simply because generally I would laugh in certain form of reserve.

The Holy Spirit labored to recover me while it had been my pride that predicated my willingness to pray for this guy of God. Is just not God superior?

The next working day, in the far better state of mind, I’d the privilege to pray for any pastor who I have huge respect for. God is doing work powerfully in his soul for what seems a millennium of months. His life has been tropical. Once more, my phrases weren’t my own, praise God. Prayer functions.

The Holy Spirit can perform anything He wants, despite us occasionally.


These two illustrations of simple, regular obedience, even within the manner of sinful pleasure inside the first scenario, illustrate that God isn’t far clear of therapeutic us if we are going to let him.

The Holy Spirit, as a result of the laying on of palms – mine on yet another particular person – healed me! It is most commonly another way close to. Almost never, if ever, have I encountered these types of a transaction of God’s electric power coming via a individual to me as I prayed for them.


Even within the case of aiding in a different person’s healing via prayer, the Holy Spirit can recover us, who are praying for them.

The power of prayer is this kind of that the laying on of hands gets to be the conduit for God’s healing energy.

God’s Spirit is doing the unpredicted. There’s power for healing by means of prayer.


Energy comes via and lands,
Healing from the laying on of hands,
The simple religion of prayer,
God’s electrical power by rarefied air.

Brilliant experience of surprise,
Splits all of hell asunder,
Prayer breaks Satan’s yoke,
God would make Satan a joke.

But there’s no have to have here for delight,
Just allow the Spirit by prayer to experience,
No anxiety that Satan will steal,
When the Spirit gives electricity to recover.